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Jumat, 28 Desember 2012

Vicky Shu

Vicky shu is a well known Indonesian musician who has released three single men and women and one record in her younger age. She was created in cilacap, juli 8 later and has been performing for some decades ago. Fascinated to have an record and become a musician, she made the decision to release her first individual, mari bercinta. This individual becomes the hit one in Philippines and there are so many individuals who really like this music. Furthermore, she is also known because of her elegance and her performances that are attractive. A lady with the finish name of Vicky veranita yudhasoka that is known as Vicky shu becomes the idol of a lot of men. Her amazing speech becomes the one that can is so amazing and her performances that is so fashionable and coolest creates her becomes the one that most lady like. Her music, mari bercinta, is a follow up music that has been sang by element kasih who has the same headline, mari bercinta.

Vicky Shu Hot Looking Singer
Furthermore, vicky shu also who has some interests like studying guides, viewing films, and traveling always like complicated that can enhance their abilities as well as. She also always tries to be the best in the level with the attractive outfit that she would wear and the excellent speech that she has. Well, this wonderful lady is one of Skip Philippines finalist in 2007 who becomes the associate of main coffee region. With her abilities, she has assurance to be Skip Philippines and of course she always gives the best for all of her actions ad venture that she has. Vicky shu often seems to be in tv to be a visitor celebrity. Furthermore, she is also able to perform instrument besides shout a songs. Truly, her first appearance record that is eligible "Drink Me" has launched and in this record, she also delivers her hit songs, mari bercinta. Vicky shu also tries to enhance her abilities outside of her actions to be a musician.

Music Movie clips from Vicky Shu
Her skills creates her become the well known musician in Philippines and it is confirmed through her individual strikes. She is also often participating the tv reveals to be a visitor celebrity and it reveals that she becomes a well-known musician that a lot of Indonesian prefers. There are so many songs that have been launched and it has been offered in on the internet so that you can obtain it of Vicky shu's songs. Mari bercinta 2 becomes her preferred songs as this is the hit individual one when she first of all comes into enjoyment globe. Besides in the songs enjoyment, she also has so many other abilities and it is confirmed when she won and become the most wonderful epidermis finalist in Skip Philippines in 2007 as the main coffee region associate. Moreover, in 2010, she also becomes the most well-known experience in juli 2010 of introvert elegance king. There are so many achievements that she has obtained in her younger lifestyle and of course it creates them becomes the one that more well-known in the enjoyment globe.

Vicky Shu Profile
As a musician, she seems that she needs to enhance many other abilities out of her performing action so that she can have a better excellent expertise. Besides being a musician, Vicky shu also becomes an company owner who is developing her own footwear. Her footwear can be quickly discovered through the world wide web as she increases her footwear company through the on the internet and also off-line globe. Her company has been improving and growing as it has been marketed in offshore such as Britain, Malaysia, and many other nations that have requested her footwear in a lots of. Through her action, developing footwear, she can generate a lot of cash and her footwear are the one that most lady look for now. With her own brand, Syu Shu, Vicky shu prides to offer and offer a lot of her footwear selections. Her creativeness and her interests cause her to be a achievements lady as a musician and also company owner and of course she can be a excellent design for many Indonesian ladies.

More Vicky Shu Songs
Vicky shu who is considered as the new comer in this enjoyment globe has ability to get into this globe and she becomes be successful musician. However, there are so many rumours also about her music. It is said that she is experiencing serious situation of plagiarism. There are so many online boards describing that her music are copied from a lot of worldwide specialist or musician.

Her individual, mari bercinta 2, has the likeness on the agreement and also the tune with the worldwide musician, Ashley Tisdale, with her music of Not Like That. Furthermore, Vicky shu's music, Pacar Kamu, also has likeness with the Xmas music "Santa Baby" that is designed by Joan Javits in 1953. This situation of plagiarism has been discussed through so many boards. With her elegance performances and along with her abilities, Vicky shu is able to get into the enjoyment globe quickly and currently she is trying to be the expert musician with a lot of strikes individual and record.

Vicky New Song
Her new music, habis manis sepah dibuang, also becomes the new strikes these days besides mari bercinta 2. With this new hit, she becomes more well-known of course with her ability to shout and dancing. The wonderful and white-colored musician changes to be the idol of Indonesian individuals. Her elegance and her ability in shout a music can take a lot of public's interest. Furthermore, her profession is also satisfied with some rumours such as her reputation comes from element kasih reputation and also her music that are considered as plagiarism. However, Vicky shu declined all of those rumours and she said that she becomes well-known because of her own attempt. To look at and appreciate her individual strikes, you can quickly obtain it or see it in online as all of her formal video clips can be quickly got there. Currently, Vicky shu is experiencing and providing her interest or issue on her actions as a musician and a footwear developer while she makes for her next record and strikes.

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