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Senin, 31 Desember 2012

FashionTV HOT The 2013 Berner Calendar Women

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The 2013 Berner Calendar Women 
WORLD - The Berner Calendar features sexy women in lingerie, bikinis, and other combinations as they pose against aircraft. 

FashionTV's YouTube network features coverage of fashion shows, fashion week, runway highlights, front row celebs, backstage, hair and makeup, models, designers, photo shoots, red carpets at the biggest events in Hollywood, and much more. The total source for worldwide fashion coverage, FashionTV has new uploads EVERY DAY - See it on YouTube first.

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Minggu, 30 Desember 2012

Resident Evil Costume Play

Resident Evil Costume Play

What is the best scary action-adventure movie game? I am sure that more than 60 % of movie gaming fans will answer "Resident Evil". Since it has been launched for PSX system, the reputation of Citizen Wicked improves very quickly. Soon, people started to think that activities to endure from a lot of zombie is very great to experience. Not only the experience, Citizen Wicked has designed into some kind of series. Films, products, and of course, outfit perform. In this article, we will read about the biggest outfit perform of Citizen Wicked ever.

Resident Evil Cosplay Group
The best place to find the best of the best Resident Evil cosplay. You can also discuss with other cosplayer on the forum.

Resident Evil : The Last Escape Cosplay

The best cosplay scene of Ada Wong, taken from the latest series of Resident Evil game. Of course, she looks very hot and beautiful.

Image Credit: Flickr.com by sunnyd_57 with Creative Common License Attribution 2.0

Female Police Cosplay

Generally, all women figures in Citizen Wicked sequence work for Cops Division. It describes why the women have very good capability in working with weapons, medication, and fighting styles. So, it is appropriate to existing women police cosplay, as a evaluation with police from the Citizen Wicked sequence. In this cosplay, the cosplayers wearing more "normal" outfit that can be seen in real life. However, they are as wonderful as the game figures.
Resident Evil CosplayFemale Police cosplayFemale Police cosplayFemale Police cosplayFemale Police cosplayFemale Police cosplayGirl Gun CosplayGirl Gun CosplayGirl Gun CosplayGirl Gun CosplayResident Evil Cosplay

Performing costume play as a police need some special preparation. First, you need police hat and uniform that is usually black, blue, or grey colored. Then some accessories to strengthen your image is also compulsory, such as pistol. handcuffs, or police bat. If you get all of them, then the rest is only your creativity to create good police costume play.

Ada Wong Cosplay

Image Source : http://cosplay.naughtymobi.mobi/2011/06/17/resident-evil-cosplay-ada-wong-sera/

If you want to talk about how a woman can her maintain elegance in different condition, even in the most deadly moment; then you should refer to Ada Wong. During her battle with zombies, Ada looks very graceful and elegant with her red dress. A red hot dress that somehow limited her actions to do extreme moves without revealing some parts of her body. However, with this kind of condition, Ada always looks beautiful, cool, and tough.

Ada Wong CosplayAda Wong CosplayAda Wong CosplayAda Wong CosplayAda Wong CosplayAda Wong Cosplay

Compared to Jill Valentine, Ada Wong has more sensibly feminine atmosphere in her costume. Her red outfit reminds us of traditional Chinese dress during the period of 19th Century. Combining the classy costume along with Ada Wong's cute face and her dangerous weapons successfully emerges the true beauty of the character.

Jill Valentine Cosplay

mage Source : http://obsoletegamer.com/fappathon-xtreme-beach-volleyball/

Jill Valentine probably is the most popular zombie slayer from Resident Evil series. My first experience to play the game with Jill was on Resident Evil 3 : Nemesis for PSX series. At that moment, I completely fell in love with Jill. Her spirit to survive, her ability to use various firearms, and her bravery to deal with the scariest group of zombie strengthen her natural beauty. Just check out those cosplay pictures of Jill Valentine below to prove my opinion about her.

Jill Valentine CosplayJill Valentine CosplayJill Valentine CosplayJill Valentine CosplayJill Valentine Cosplay

Jill is not only the most popular character of Resident Evil among the video game lovers, but she is also the majority choice of female cosplayers among the other characters. Cosplaying as Jill Valentine is not difficult as long as the cosplayer have the right costume and cute haircut such as Jill's. Moreover, she is the most beautiful character compared to Claire or Alice.

Jill's ordinary and for the most part well-known outfit is a pair of blue assault pants with a light blue formfitting shirt and shoulder/neck defensive covering, completed with a blue beret on her head. In addition to her S.T.A.R.S. garb in the first game, Jill wears an informal outfit consisting of jeans together with black shirt. In Resident Evil: Director's Cut, she wears a sleeveless shirt with the S.T.A.R.S logo on the back with jeans and boots as a default outfit in the game's Arranged Mode. The Sega Saturn variety of the 1st game in addition featured Jill in an alternate form of her S.T.A.R.S. uniform.

Sheva Alomar Cosplay

Sheva Alomar Cosplay

Sheva Alomar is the main female character from Resident Evil 5. Along with Chris Redfield, she struggles to survive from the "so-called-zombie" in Africa. in my opinion, she is the hottest among all of the other character, a perfect combination between Jill Valentine and Lara Croft.

Sheva Alomar CosplaySheva Alomar CosplaySheva Alomar CosplaySheva Alomar Cosplay

Claire Redfield Cosplay

Image Source : http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/64106454/

In my humble opinion, Claire Redfield is not as hot as Jill Valentine or Ada Wong. But maybe she is the toughest female cop in Resident Evil series. Most of the time, Claire only uses small handgun to eliminate those living dead creatures. But when the condition allows her to use heavy firearm such as Rocket Launcher, she is also able to fire it very well. Another thing, her red outfit suits very well with the dangerous environment, better if we compare it with Jill's or Ada's outfit.

Claire Redfield CosplayClaire Redfield Cosplay

Claire Redfield is my favorite character from Resident Evil series. She has very strong sense of survival from millions of deadly zombies who are ready to devour her alive. For Resident Evil lovers, they must be familiar with the tragic story that should be experienced by Claire in her adventure in zombie land.

Rebecca Chambers Cosplay

Image Source : http://hot-cool-pictures.blogspot.com/2010/12/25-hot-girls-dressed-as-hot-video-game.html

Unlike Jill, Ada, or Claire; Rebecca looks more fragile. Seeing her posture, we can estimate that she is a teenager who is stranded in the zombie land and has no choice other than survive by killing as much monster as possible. Despite her cute, innocent looks, Rebecca is a member of secret army, and making various medicines from herbs is her specialty. It makes her not only great survivor, but also excellent medic for the rest of the team.

Rebecca is a unique character, mainly because of her extraordinary ability to deal with medicine. As a team member, she is very valuable assets. Mixing wild herbs into healing spray is indeed essential if you want to survive longer from the zombie attack. Rebecca excels in this situation, so she is very useful for other survivors.

Alice Cosplay

Alice Cosplay

Alice is a character that is only exist in Resident Evil movie. Starred by Milla Jovovich, Alice is described as charming young woman who lost her memory. Later on, we know that Alice is a part of conspiracy of Umbrella Corporation called as "Project Alice". For me, Alice is the most mysterious character, with enigmatic past and severe suffer within her eyes. Very interesting character, and I really wish to see her in the game.

Alice costume is different from other survivors. She tends to wear outfit with brownish color with large belt to carry as many weapons and ammunition as possible. Her other trade mark costume is her boots, which I found very cool. Sometimes Alice also wears jacket and scarfs if she has to go to the desert area to fight against the zombies.

Resident Evil Cosplay Video

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New Hairstyles For Women 2013

Hair is considered the women’s priceless asset. They are called as crown of women’s head. With the passage of time, people are adopting new fashion and styles. Every day we see a new fashion being introduced. Therefore, today we will tell you about top 10 new fashion,side swept bangs,short bob hair cut,Highlights,caramel colour,beachy waves,cool look,roughed-up,latest fashion,small hairs,
  1. The waves are back and yes, this is the new hairstyle of 2012 and 2013. Whether you wear your waves straight or on a side swept, they look sexy either way. We see stars like Ciara an Amber Rosewearing long wavy hair.new fashion,side swept bangs,short bob hair cut,Highlights,caramel colour,beachy waves,cool look,roughed-up,latest fashion,small hairs,
  2. The next new ting in hairstyles is side swept bangs with short bob hair cut. This looks sexy and gives you very soft look especially if you have straight hair. We see Cameron Diaz in this new look and she looks gorgeous in the new hairstyle of hers.new fashion,side swept bangs,short bob hair cut,Highlights,caramel colour,beachy waves,cool look,roughed-up,latest fashion,small hairs,
  3. Highlights are once again back and are the new thing for many celebrities like Julia Roberts. She has given herself a new look by changing her hairstyle. Her new hairstyle is highlights in caramel colour. The colour looks stunning on her waves and gives her very natural look.
  4. Another new hairstyle this year is of having tousled knots. This hairstyle looks little messy but at the same time very sexy.new fashion,side swept bangs,short bob hair cut,Highlights,caramel colour,beachy waves,cool look,roughed-up,latest fashion,small hairs,
  5. Similarly, another new hairstyle this year is of sleek hair with centre part. It gives little femininte and little young look.new fashion,side swept bangs,short bob hair cut,Highlights,caramel colour,beachy waves,cool look,roughed-up,latest fashion,small hairs,
  6. The ponytail is also very new hairstyle. However, when we say ponytail we do not mean typical old-fashioned ponytail. By ponytail, we mean sleek, versatile horse- ponytail worn low and flat.
  7. Another new hairstyle in addition to ponytail is pony bun. It is slightly similar to ponytail but instead of tying hair in pony you tie it in knot.new fashion,side swept bangs,short bob hair cut,Highlights,caramel colour,beachy waves,cool look,roughed-up,latest fashion,small hairs,
  8. The beachy waves are another new thing. A loose, louch curve in the hair, gives very cool look and is very easy t make.new fashion,side swept bangs,short bob hair cut,Highlights,caramel colour,beachy waves,cool look,roughed-up,latest fashion,small hairs,
  9. loose updo is once again a new hairstyle carried by many women these days. A looser updo looks younger, especially with roughed-up height at the crown. To get that fullness at the roots, curl the top and sides of your hair.
  10. Chignons are also the latest fashion but not with the typical style chignons. The new thing this year in chignon hairstyles is that its tied on a low height with tendril or some small hairs coming out of it, which gives it little messy look.
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Sabtu, 29 Desember 2012

Anime Maid Cosplay

House maid is a career that is often to be seen in cartoons, manga, or movie gaming. Usually, the maid in the tale is a very lovely, wonderful, and wonderful ladies. The maid sometimes perform part in the tale, and even become the main personality. Here, we will study the best maid figures in cartoons and the maid cosplay (costume play) that is designed based on the cartoons personality.

Maid Cosplay

Maid Cosplay

In general, house maid cosplay is very exciting. Generally, the house maid outfits that is used by the cosplayers in this article are descends from Europe, to be actual Portugal. That's why, such kind of house maid clothing is also known as "French house maid costume". The clothing is very simple, includes two distinct grayscale color. The strong comparison improve the visibility of the clothing, especially if it is used in very proper and eye-catching way.

Maid CosplayMaid CosplayMaid CosplayMaid CosplayMaid CosplayMaid Cosplay

Izumi Sawatari Cosplay
Izumi Sawatari Cosplay

Izumi Sawatari is a very well-known house maid cartoons lady from "He Is My Master". In comparison to another house maid, she is the most committed personality and the one who has very near connection to Yoshitaka, her expert. Her age that is only 14 doesn't avoid her to perform to generate income to pay off her debts. She has big part in the tale growth, and becomes the significant personality in the cartoons. Izumi Sawatari is also the most preferred personality for most of Japanese people cosplayers.

Maid CosplayIzumi Sawatari CosplayIzumi Sawatari CosplayIzumi Sawatari Cosplay

In the cartoons, Izumi Sawatari is portrayed as very pleasant and positive house maid. Sometimes she also reveals unreasonable actual durability for 14 decades of age lady. From the example of Izumi Sawatari cosplay images above, we could infer that her house maid clothing is very lovely, with a lot of details in the ribbons and very hot lengthy tights. Izumi is the most popular and sweetdst house maid I have ever seen.
Misaki Ayuzawa Cosplay
Misaki Ayuzawa Cosplay

As primary personality in "Maid Sama!" manga, Misaki Ayuzawa has absolutely different personality from the common attribute of Japanese people house maid. Misaki has advanced stage of hate towards men because she believes that men are very ineffective and less able than females. Later, she shows that one of her competitive anger to men is because of bad encounter with her dad who discontinued her irresponsibly. As the tale produces, Misaki began to drop madly in really like with Takumi Usui, and it decreases her hate towards men.

Misaki AyuzawaMisaki AyuzawaMisaki Ayuzawa
Misaki is portrayed as very perfect women undergraduate. She is the chief executive of women authorities in her university and has all skills that make her succeed in her university. Misaki has very top quality, remarkable fitness expertise, and a lot of success as a chief executive of women authorities. She made the decision to work as a house maid in a coffee shop merely to help her mom and sis to earn some extra cash.

Nurse Nanako Cosplay

Image Credits : http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=104732

Cute nurse, that can act as a maid, friend, and therapist.

More Nurse Cosplay

Nurse professional cosplay is very eye-catching. The appeal of the cosplay relies on various aspects, such as the details of the outfit, likeness of the personality, and the movement from the cosplayer. Being able to make a excellent nurse cosplay is not a easy job, so let's appreciate those skilled nurse cosplayer.

Nurse CosplayNurse CosplayNurse CosplayNurse CosplayNurse Cosplay

Magdalena - Indonesian Actress

Magdalena Indonesian : Nurse

Suster Astuti, that's a name of a personality performed by Magdalena, a wonderful Indonesian celebrity. She looks very lovely in the health professional outfit, and although this one is not absolutely cosplay, but her images could be a smart concept for the next health professional outfit perform. So here they are another images of Magdalena taken from her formal Facebook or myspace Web page.

Magdalena CosplayMagdalena Indonesian ActressMagdalena Indonesian ActressMagdalena Indonesian ActressMagdalena Indonesian Actress

Anna Kurauchi Cosplay

Anna Kurauchi Cosplay

Anna Kurauchi probably is the sweetest house maid from funny manga, "He Is My Master". She is not the primary personality, but indeed get a lot of interest from the manga fans. Probably it happens because she has the most exciting personality such as same sex really like, her attraction to go to Holland, and her dreadful food preparation expertise which create her even sweeter. Besides that, Ould - Kurauchi is also very younger (not even sixteen) when she made the decision to perform as a house maid.

Anna Kurauchi CosplayAnna Kurauchi CosplayAnna Kurauchi CosplayAnna Kurauchi CosplayAnna Kurauchi Cosplay

Anna Kurauchi clothing reveals the standard clothing of house maid, covered with grayscale color. Creating her clothing is not so challenging because it needs only small adjustment from house maid clothing that can be bought easily. The most challenging thing is to create the cuteness appearance that is very major in the manga by duplicating her body dialects and actions.

Iroha Cosplay

Iroha Cosplay

Iroha is a martial artist house maid from "Samurai Shodown" battling activity. Indeed, it is difficult to think about how a lovely house maid as Iroha has to battle with intense samurai and swordmen from the experience. Well, don't get incorrect impact. Iroha probably looks very womanly, deficiency of battling capability, and has no wish to harm her enemies; but during the battle, Iroha is modified into a very fearless and competent soldier. We may ignore that she performs as a house maid because of her extreme modify in character.

Iroha CosplayIroha CosplayIroha Cosplay
Iroha actually is a motorised hoist who amazingly progressed herself into a individual. It is a secret to expose her real purpose to select house maid as her job. With grayscale traditional house maid outfit, it is very simple to differentiate her among other martial artist in Samurai Shodown. She is probably not my preferred martial artist, but as a house maid, Iroha is nearly ideal.

Mikuru Asahina Cosplay

Image Credits : http://zettairyouikicafe.wordpress.com/2009/05/06/asahina-mikuru-cosplay/

A good example of maid character in anime cosplay, Mikuru Asahina, done by Kipi

Mitsuki Sawatari Cosplay

Mitsuki Sawatari Cosplay

Mitsuki Sawatari is a brown, lovely, and very devoted house maid from "He Is My Master" sequence. She is the young sis of Izumi Sawatari and perform for Yoshitaka Nakabayashi. In the tale, apart from operating as a house maid, Mitsuki is also an excellent musician and net idol. She becomes very popular because of her performance on level, and does several picture capture as well as various performing contests. It is amazing to discover out that she performs steel music, something that could be regarded too strong for such a lovely personality as her.

Mitsuki Sawatari CosplayMitsuki Sawatari Cosplay

One thing that I really like from Mitsuki is her fantastic locks. In comparison to her sis, she is probably less well-known but she has better excellent as a house maid. She is a very excellent adviser, intelligent, and very excellent to look for a chance to enhance herself and help her sis. Too bad that she is not engaged in any kind of relationship in the manga.

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